Attributes of a Good Custom Cloud App

There are some cloud applications that people love using. The interface, the design and the overall user experience is so smooth that one cannot help but admire the technology behind it. Yet, a majority of the cloud applications fail to catch the user’s attention as they don’t have the features that make a good cloud app great. Here is an overview of some attributes of a good custom cloud app:

Constantly Evolving

The best cloud apps are constantly evolving. They take into account the user’s needs and the changes are then incorporated into the design by the developer. The constant changes may be offsetting for some users but overall they ensure that the app remains relevant and effective. The design of your custom cloud app should be easy to change should the need arise.


A cloud app not only needs to have a user-friendly design for easy navigation but should be easy to understand for the users as well. Unless you are going to train the target users how to work the app, you need to make it simple enough for them to make the most of it without having to spend too much time and effort on it.

24/7 Availability

The cloud app should be available at all times. The work that needs to be done to keep the app functional round the clock should be carried out in a way that the app is available at all times. Never should any user have to be disappointed that the app isn’t working. You can hear people air their frustration whenever a cloud app is down. This could increase the downtime and impact productivity.


You may have designed the app for a handful of employees to use. However, it is quite possible that the number of users increase. However, if the app is not scalable, it wouldn’t be able to serve the needs of all the users. This is why it is essential that your app is scalable. Keep future needs in mind so that you can easily change the app’s structure to suit the growing number of users.

Topnotch Security

Last, but most important, the cloud app needs to be secure. The savvy internet users of today are concerned about their online security and don’t want their privacy invaded. This is why it is important that you pay special attention to the security features of your cloud apps. Make the users feel secure and they will love it.

These are some attributes that make a cloud app perfect. Keep them in mind to ensure your cloud apps are up to the mark.

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