Attributes Of a Good Mobile Ready Website

Mobile websites are becoming increasingly popular by the day. This is because businesses get the chance to funnel in a larger number of potential customers through mobile devices. However, not all websites are able to attract visitors. A mobile website must have certain qualities to attain the desired results. Here’s what you should look for in a good mobile ready website:


Mobile websites are usually accessed by people who are on a tight schedule. Users are usually browsing the site on their way to work or during their break. In such a case a slow website will prove to be counterproductive. A mobile website should load quickly. A great way to ensure that a site is speedy is to avoid using Java or Flash content.

Easy Navigation

One of the biggest turn-offs for a mobile user is a website which has a maze of options to get to a particular tab. Instead of including excessive dropdown menus, tabs, etc. the site’s layout should be simple and self-explanatory. The site should not appear like it was designed for someone who’s not tech-savvy at all. It should feature a complex design which is easy to navigate.

Selective Content

A good mobile website should not have excessive content on the home page. Instead the content should be selective. A tab can be included for further options. Any content on the original website shouldn’t be eliminated from the mobile site. But only selective content should be displayed on the main page.

Device Detection

A great way to make your mobile website even more attractive is to enable device detection on it. This enables you to track how many visitors you get on a daily basis and the type of device they use. Once you have a list of the devices people use to access your device regularly you can streamline your site further. For instance if you are getting a higher volume of Android users, you can gear your site towards them. You even have the option to direct Android users to a site with a different layout. Users appreciate the fact that a company has created a website for the operating system they are using.

Social Media Integration

If you want your site to gain more popularity, the mobile site should have social media integration. This will allow users to share your content on social media websites. Ultimately, you will get more visitors to your site which will lead to a boost in business.

These are a few features that every mobile ready website should have in order to produce desired results.

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