Common Myths Regarding Mobile Ready Sites

Mobile ready sites are rapidly gaining popularity. But there are inconsistencies in the designs of these sites. Some of them are too basic and don’t allow the user to do much. On the other hand, others are extremely complicated. These sites may seem great on the surface but they are not making things any easier for mobile users.

The whole point of a mobile ready website is to enable the user to do more on a mobile device. The reason these websites are designed as such is because of some myths. These myths have to be busted in order to promote a user-friendly mobile ready website design:

Myth # 1.            Mobile Sites Should Have Less Options

Many mobile website designs provide limited options. They may allow the user to make purchases but won’t allow them to browse the site. This may seem like a good option but users don’t visit mobile sites just to buy things. The use of mobile devices makes it convenient for people to browse sites and look for options on the go. There is no reason the mobile site should have fewer options than the regular site.

Myth # 2.            Mobile Ready Sites Should Be Simple

User-friendly is often confused with simplicity. This is why most mobile website designs are extremely simple. One may think that simplicity will be appreciated by the user. However, the truth is far from that. Mobile users do not like to think that they can’t operate a complex mobile site. The trick here is to design the website in a complex manner, but keep it user-friendly at the same time.

Myth # 3.            A Mobile App Can Serve As a Mobile Site

An application is thought to work instead of a mobile ready site. In fact, an application is just to enhance the presentation of your company. Mobile apps make some specific tasks easier, but are not an alternative to mobile sites. Therefore, you should create a mobile website to allow users to get to know more about your company and products.

Myth # 4.            The Entire Website Design Will Need to Be Altered

When a company is looking to set up a mobile website, it assumes that the previous design will need to be altered. Nevertheless, this is not necessary. Mobile ready websites are created as a mirror image of the existing website. Whatever is displayed on the existing website will be displayed on the mobile site in a dimmed down format.

Now that these myths are busted, you can create a great and user friendly mobile website.

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