SMS Marketing

How Does SMS Marketing Work?

WebCom Innovations specializes in setting up and maintaining text message marketing campaigns of varying sizes for business owners like yourself. Together we’ll build a 100% opted-in list of your customers via text, in which you can market any discounts, specials, text coupons or upcoming events. Essentially, anything you’d like!

In this economy people love a great deal, and you’ll be very surprised at the response rates from your SMS text ads and incentive marketing campaigns!

Example:”Call 215-839-3261 to subscribe and receive 20% off your next purchase! Also stay tuned for text specials, discounts and upcoming events sent by us! “

*Put this verbiage on a sign in your window, on posters, in print ads, on your menu, on Facebook, on table tents, anywhere! Soon you will have a sizable subscriber base to market to!

OK, sounds great…but how do I get my customers to text in?

Actually, it’s pretty simple. People are motivated by discounts, coupons and FREE things. So you can easily just have your employees telling your customers to opt-in to receive special text coupons and discounts from your business if they text in your specific keyword. They will then have to show their text messages in order to cash in on the promotions you send them. There are many different ways you can go to get subscribers!

Generate Leads

Promote your campaign everywhere: Website, Fliers, Business Cards, and existing advertising. Prospects text in 24/7 to get more information. Instantly know which advertising medium is working.

Build Customer Loyalty

Create repeat business easily. Now you can engage your customers on a regular basis and keep them coming back at very little cost.

Unique Call-to-Subscribe

Get customers instantly subscribed to your list using any form of advertising simply by calling your automated phone number. It’s revolutionary!

Send Mobile Coupons

Over 90% of text messages are opened within 10 minutes. Imagine sending a special coupon offer today and having a flood of customers ordering from you within hours.

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