How To Generate Leads And Customers With Blog Marketing

Turn on Leads with blog marketing


You are missing out on leads and customers from the search engines if you are not posting articles on your blog. Each article you post on your blog should be unique, on-page search engine optimized (SEO), link to inner website pages, submitted to the major search engines, and tracked for lead and sales conversions. 

Create Your Marketing Blog

Obviously, the first thing you need for blog marketing is a blog. The best blogging system out there is WordPress. One great thing about WordPress is that it can be used for designing your website as well as provide you a marketing blog.

You can use one of the following three options to create your WordPress blog:

Option 1. WordPress offers a free blog where they host your blog on their server. This way you don’t need to purchase hosting and install the wordpress blog in your hosting server.

The downside to this is you loose brand recognition by not having your own domain name and host your own blog on your own website. You also don’t have the administrative control to create your own emails, install apps, ftp, manage databases, etc that you would have if you had your own paid hosting account.

Blog Marketing - Generate leads and customersHowever, to get started quickly and cheaply this is a good solution. You can always transfer the content from a Free WordPress blog to your own paid hosting blog later if you choose. Click here to create your free blog on a WordPress server.

Option 2. If you have your own paid hosting, you can install WordPress right from inside the control panel provided by your hosting company. If that option is not provided by your hosting company you can always download WordPress and install it yourself in your hosting account. To download the latest version of WordPress, click here.

Option 3. If you don’t have your own hosting but you would like the benefits that come with paid hosting, then you will need to purchase a hosting account. I highly recommend one of these two website hosting companies that both come with WordPpress which can be easily installed from inside the hosting control panel. Both companies provide great support and offer affordable hosting. HostGator or Just Host.

Also, if you don’t already have a domain name for your blog you will need to purchase one. GoDaddy is popular and provides great support. Once you get your domain then you will need to point it to the name servers of your hosting account. Click here to purchase a Godaddy domain. 

If all of this is too technical for you or you don’t have the time, no problem, read on…we have a solution for you at the end of this report.

Uniquely Written Articles

Now that all the technical work is done and you have your blog created, you will begin writing articles for your blog. It is important that each article be unique, meaning it’s content phrases, sentences and paragraphs can not be found anywhere else on the Internet. Writing Unique Articles for Your Blog

To begin writing a unique article, you may want to research on topics related to your business, product or service. After you have thoroughly researched and have chosen a topic then write the article. 

Not keen on writing your own articles…no problem. You can use a software like ‘Spin Writer’ to write your unique articles. 

How it works is, you find a related article on the Internet such as in article directories like ‘Ezine Articles’ and then put the article in ‘Spin Writer’ and you will receive a brand new unique article in minutes. ‘Spin Writer’ is a fantastic tool that out performs other article writing tools on the Internet. You can check out ‘Spin Writer’ here. 

On-Page SEO Your Article

Just as important as uniqueness you need to on-page SEO your article with a keyword phrase. The keyword phrase you use for each article should be selected based on the amount of traffic searching for that keyword phrase and the amount of competitors using that keyword phrase. Ideally, you want high traffic and low competition for your article keyword phrase. 

Blog Marketing - Generate Customers and Leads

Here is how you on-page SEO your article with a keyword phrase: 

1. Find a high traffic, low competition keyword phrase with a keyword tool such as Google’s ‘Keyword Planner’ (requires you have a Google Adwords account) or you can use a tool called ‘Keyword Snatcher’. 

‘Keyword Snatcher’ will bring you a ton more high traffic, low competition keyword phrases than Google Keyword Planner.  Click here to find out more on ‘Keyword Snatcher’. 

2. Take your keyword phrase and place it strategically in your article, according to on-page SEO standard procedures. For example, you want your keyword phrase in your heading titles, page URL, image Alt tag, placed throughout the article while paying attention to density, proximity, bold, italics and more. 

Link To Inner Website Pages

Another very important aspect is that each article that you post on your blog should have 3 to 4 links pointing back to your inner website pages, like your service, product, contact, or request a quote pages. Link to your service/product pages

With each internal link you create, you will want to select the anchor text for the link. At least one of the anchor text should be the keyword phrase that you used to SEO the article. 

The internal links pointing to your website inner pages from your article has dual purpose:

1. It will direct visitors on your article pages to your inner website pages to find out more on your products and services, send then to your contact/quote web forms and so on.

2. It will help rank those inner pages higher in the search results of Google, Yahoo and Bing, making your website inner pages more easily found by prospects, leads and customers.

Submit Article To Search Engines

Another important step to do with your unique, SEO article is to publish and submit it to Google, Yahoo and Bing search engines so that it can be found on the Internet. In order for Generate leads and customers - blog marketingyour article to be found, it will need to be indexed by the search engines. Here are a few methods in which your article can get indexed by the search engines: 

1. Do nothing and eventually the search engines should find your article. This is the slowest method. 

2. Create a sitemap.xml file and put in the URL of your new article in XML format. Then create webmaster accounts in Google, Yahoo and Bing and submit the sitemap. This method of indexing your article is faster then the 1st method. 

3. If you have a WordPress blog then you can use a plugin called ‘All in one SEO’ that will automatically place the URL of your article in the sitemap and submit to search engines and other cool SEO benefits. This is the quickest method for indexing your blog article. 

Tracking Your Blog Marketing Campaigns

A very important step in blog marketing is to track your leads and sales conversions. This will help you to determine what is working or not working in your campaigns, what articles are generating the leads and sales conversions, and what to change to improve the number of leads and sales conversions you are receiving. The insight you receive will give you motivation to continue to do more blog marketing.

Tracking Leads and Customers - Blog MarketingAt the bottom of every blog article you will place your phone number and a link to your website inner page such as a sales landing page or request a quote form. You also might have a couple of other links throughout your article. Therefore, you will want to keep track of who called your phone, the clicks made on the article links, the leads that filled out your web forms, the sales conversions made on your sales and offer pages and so on… 

A tracking system you can use to report the clicks, leads, and sales conversions for your article links is called prosper202. This is a Free self hosted app that you can easily install on your server. Click here to find out more on the prosper202 app.

Analytic Call Tracking is a great software that you can use to purchase local and toll free phone numbers, call recording, generate tracking reports, and much more. Click here to find out more on the analytic call tracking app.

Take Action Now

The final most important step is take action. You have been given sufficient information on this page to begin marketing your blog with articles and get those leads and customers. Blog Marketing - Generate Leads and Customers

If you are not a ‘Do It Yourself’ type, or you don’t have the time to do blog marketing with articles then you might consider hiring WebCom Innovations to do it for you. WebCom Innovations will do the research, write the SEO articles, post them on your blog, submit them to the search engines and setup your tracking campaigns.  

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