Importance of a Mobile Ready Website

The internet has become a big marketing tool over the years. With the inception of mobile devices the popularity of the internet has increased by a substantial amount. Many businesses are establishing themselves online. Setting up a website to sell products has many advantages. It not only cuts the overhead expenses down, but it gives the business more opportunities to attract customers.

After the rise in popularity of smartphones, businesses now have to come up with something to cater to their needs. This is because the standard websites are not meant to run on smartphones and tablets. This is why there is a need for mobile ready websites. Let’s look at why mobile ready websites are so important:

Ease of Navigation

Opening a full-sized website on a mobile phone is a painstaking task. The website takes ages to load. Even when it does, the content appears small. Once you zoom in, most of the content is hidden. This makes navigating a full-sized website difficult. In fact, mobile users do not prefer browsing regular sites on mobile devices for the same reason. The reason mobile ready sites are important is because they are easy to navigate. They have large tabs, small pieces of information and an easy to understand infrastructure. Mobile sites stuff the content on to a small screen without making it difficult to access.

Prioritizing Content

Mobile sites prioritize content. On regular websites, the login section is usually displayed on the top right and the “add to cart” button right next to the product. This is because on a desktop screen there is enough room for a large volume of content on the screen. With mobiles, the content needs to be precise. In addition, it has to be specific. If a customer needs to log in to a site, it should be made prominent. Similarly, an “add to cart” button should also be made prominent. Mobile sites enable the company to display priority content prominently.

Mobile Purchases

There was a time when people used to shop at stores and shopping malls. Nowadays people are so busy that they avoid going to the mall every chance they get. This is what made internet shopping so popular. Now with smartphones, people prefer making purchases on their phones. This way they can shop while going to work or during their lunch break. Mobile ready websites give you access to a larger consumer base.

So, if you haven’t already set up a mobile ready site for your company, do so right away.

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