Myths Regarding Custom Cloud Apps

Cloud applications have been around for some time but it appears as though businesses are just waking up to the many ways in which they can be used to improve efficiency and profitability. Most businesses have cloud apps designed specifically for their use. The apps not only enable them to streamline the workflow but also automate certain processes which would otherwise have to be performed manually. Yet, there are some business owners hesitant about getting custom cloud apps for their enterprises. This is because of some myths going around about custom cloud apps.

These myths mislead the entrepreneurs and as a result they are dissuaded about using custom cloud apps. It is important that these myths are debunked so you can make the most of custom cloud apps for your business. Let’s look at some of them:

No Internet Access = Useless App

This is perhaps the most persistent of all myths regarding cloud apps. The cloud apps are used in a cloud browser and you need to be connected to the internet or intranet to access them. Yet, if the internet is down, it doesn’t mean the app is useless. You can have your developer program your cloud app in a way that it can be accessed when there is no internet access, even if isn’t fully functional.

User Interfaces for Cloud Apps Are Poor

This is another common myth about cloud apps. The interface of your cloud app depends on what you choose. You have to discuss your needs with the designer and developer and they will come up with an interface to suit your needs. Just because most cloud apps don’t look good doesn’t mean yours cannot be eye-catching.

Browser Compatibility Is a Major Issue

Most people believe that cloud apps can only work in the browsers they were designed for. The general design pattern used for cloud applications is such that they can be accessed through any leading browser. As long as you are using Firefox, Chrome or Safari, compatibility shouldn’t be a problem. There is a 0.001% chance that app is not compatible with your browser. But then since it is a custom app, you can have it made compatible with all the browsers on the market.

These are some of the most common myths regarding custom cloud apps. Don’t let them put you off using custom cloud apps as the apps can really help boost your business.

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