Things That Tell You That Your Site Needs To Be Mobile Ready

In the past couple of years, a proliferation of advanced smartphones has been seen. For website owners, this means a greater percentage of internet users are accessing websites through smartphones, which gives rise to the all important question: Does your website run as smoothly on smartphones as it does on a laptop/PC? If it doesn’t, you seriously need to work on fixing it, or else you may end up losing many valuable visitors.

That being said, implementing the following things will help tremendously in improving the overall browsing experience on smartphones:


First and foremost, you have to ensure that your website is optimized for a diversity of smartphones. This point is of utmost importance. Moreover, a good way of going about this is by having an online survey of some of the most commonly used phones and then optimizing your site for them.


Secondly, your website has to be adaptable to both portrait and landscape orientation. This ensures maximum convenience and a better browsing experience for the viewers.


This is perhaps one of the most critical things to consider if you want your website to be user-friendly. Browsing on a mobile screen (which is relatively small as opposed to a laptop) is pesky enough already and you don’t want to make it worse by having poor navigation. So, always give proper navigation top priority.


A well-designed website is always a delight to visit. It may very well be one of the factors that sustains your existing user-base and attract new ones too. Moreover, a couple of things to avoid are long blocks of text and unnecessary white spaces. These things tend to hamper the overall design and usability of the website.


Another great way of improving your website’s efficiency is by creating clickable icons such as products, services, about us, etc. This further facilitates better navigation by giving the viewers exactly what they are looking for.

Loading Speed

One of the key things that separate a fantastic website from a mediocre one is its loading speed. The faster the loading speed, the better will be its chances of thriving. Nowadays, everyone is in a hurry. No one has time to wait for the pages to load. Therefore, webmasters  should prioritize the website’s loading speed if they want to maintain their visitor-base.

Well, these are some necessary things needed for a user-friendly mobile optimized site and implementing them will surely make a massive difference to your website’s overall performance. 

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