Tips to Develop a Great Custom Cloud Based App

Developing a custom cloud app can be a challenge. The main purpose of having a cloud app for your business is that the business’ processes and workflow can be improved to a certain extent. This means that the apps have to be designed keeping in mind the needs of your users. However, the interface of a custom cloud app should be such that each user finds it engaging and easy. Just because it is a business app doesn’t mean it should look drab. Let’s look at how you can develop a great custom cloud app:

Consider Using Tooltips

One of the main concerns when developing a custom cloud app is to make every button and link understandable. If the user doesn’t understand the app, he/she won’t like it. However, many developers tend to take the understandability element overboard. In an effort to make the app easy to understand, developers enter lengthy text on each button and link. This text is supposed to explain the purpose of the link or button. The app is definitely made easier to use with the help of text. However, the design suffers greatly. Therefore, long text on the buttons should be avoided. Instead, you can use a tooltip. This will maintain the integrity of the design and yet make it easier for users to understand the app.

Avoid Having the User Re-enter Information

If users are asked for the same information a number of times, they will get irritated. Therefore, the app design should be well sorted out. There are certain pieces of information for which the user would need to submit. It can be a negative experience for users if they have to continue to submit the same pieces of information.

Modal Windows

Modal windows are helpful in certain cases. However, they can also be quite annoying if a user cannot close them. Modal windows are meant to be an interactive source for drawing the attention of a user to something. There is no harm in incorporating a modal window in a custom cloud app design, but the modal window should have options for closing it. This is because certain users do not like modal windows. Users who prefer to interact with modal windows will still use them, while others will have the option to close them.

If you want to develop a great custom cloud app, you should follow the above mentioned tips.

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