Top Reasons to Make Your Site Mobile Ready

Businesses are constantly striving to become the best. Innovative techniques are being developed to promote the business through various mediums. One of the most cost-effective marketing strategies is internet marketing. This involves setting up a website and then optimizing it to attract visitors. However, technology has come a long way since internet marketing began.

Now websites are being accessed via mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. The challenge is that the websites are already set up and not made for mobile devices. Businesses need to set up a mobile ready website to stay ahead of their competition. Let’s look at the top reasons businesses need to make their site mobile friendly:

Shopper’s Preference

Many shoppers prefer buying things on the internet. This makes it convenient for them to make a selection while they are going about their everyday tasks. Since mobile devices are the new way to access the internet, websites need to be mobile friendly. There are a large number of people who use their smartphones to make purchases. According to statistics, over 75% of smartphone users make purchases with their phone. If a business doesn’t have a mobile friendly website, it loses out on potential customers.

Increase in Number of Mobile Devices

Ever since the inception of smartphones, more and more people have grown to love them. This is because of the convenience offered by these devices. Virtually anything can be done with the help of mobile devices. Customers prefer shopping and even looking for restaurants on their smartphones. The best way to gain the business from smartphone users is to have a mobile friendly site. The number of smartphone users is going to increase significantly over the next few years. There are even predictions that by the year 2015, every person will own a smartphone. If this prediction does come true then there is a lot of business that a company can gain through a mobile site. Therefore, it is best to start early and establish a mobile friendly website.

Location Based Services

The most important reason you should have a mobile ready website is to provide location based services. When customers search for services or businesses in their area they do so with the help of their phones. Under normal circumstances your business website will appear on a smartphone. But the user won’t be able to access most of the information on your site. This will drive a customer away from your site.

Putting it in simple words, if you make your website mobile ready, it will win you more customers.

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