Top Reasons Why Businesses Ignore Mobile Websites

Mobile ready websites are becoming increasingly popularly nowadays. This is because more people are inclined to use mobile devices for internet browsing. Looking for a business is much more convenient if it is done through a mobile device. However, most businesses are not too keen on creating mobile websites for potential customers. Of course, the website they already have is not invisible. But its performance on a mobile device may not be ideal.

One of the many reasons to create a mobile website is to give people a seamless experience of browsing the website on their mobile devices. A regular website doesn’t run properly on a smartphone or tablet. Let’s look at a few common reasons why businesses ignore mobile ready websites:

Managing Two Sites Is a Hassle

The most common misconception amongst businesses is that a mobile ready website is an entirely different website. Most businesses do not like having to maintain two websites. This is why they do not pursue the need to create a mobile ready website. However, mobile ready websites are an exact replica of the original website. Any changes you make to the original website will automatically reflect on the mobile site. This eliminates the need of having to maintain two separate websites. You can maintain one and the other will update itself.

Mobile Websites Are Not Necessary

Many businesses believe that smartphones are not as popular yet. Moreover, they believe that they can wait until they launch a mobile ready site. However, the statistics reveal results that are quite the contrary. Over the past few years mobile browsing has taken a huge leap forward. Only in the past two years, mobile searches have gone up by 400%. Considering the fact that smartphones and tablets are becoming popular by the day, this number is bound to increase. Ignoring a mobile site would mean ignoring potential clients.

Mobile Devices Are Popular Amongst Youngsters Only

Businesses that focus on products for elders mostly ignore mobile sites. This is because they believe that smartphones and media devices are only popular amongst youngsters, teenagers in particular. But the statistics show that 85% of smartphone users are aged eighteen and above. This means that they are young but not teenagers.

If you do not already have a mobile website, it is best that you set one up. You may be losing out on potential customers just because your site is not mobile friendly.

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