WebCom Innovations, designs and develops cloud based apps, designs websites, and mobile ready websites for businesses.

Our website and cloud applications are developed using our tested and proven development life cycle. These applications are being developed to help individuals and businesses organize and grow their business through the Internet, Smart Phones and other devices.

The large corporations have been reaping the benefits of using CRM and ERP business applications that organize their customer, employee and business relationships and streamline their business processes saving them millions of dollars a year. However, there are no complete business applications out there for small businesses.

Here are some of the benefits that our web and mobile applications will provide:

  • Individuals will be able to organize their social, employment, and vendor activities.
  • Small businesses will be able to manage their employees, business contractors and customer relationships.
  • Small business will become streamlined with applications that manage such business activities as projects, tasks, quotes, invoices, time cards, retail sales, orders, payments and more.
  • All participants of a business will receive external notifications of messages and tasks that need to be done for that business.
  • Online access to our applications from anywhere in the world allowing the business running smoothly.

Our website and mobile applications will empower small businesses to focus on what they are good at, the delivery of their products and services, while we will focus on the development of online systems that businesses and their customers are going to use to save, time and money.

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