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Get Social App

“New Social Media App Makes It Easier For Your Prospects & Customers To Connect With You Than Ever Before… Even If You Don’t Have A Website”


 Getting connected with your prospects & customers is a must. But where should you be sending them to connect with you… Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Your Blog, RSS feed…? 

As a business owner, you want your current and future customers to always have the easiest way to connect with you. 

What if, instead of having to say “Connect with us here or here or here”, you could just send them to one place and allow them to make the choice of how to best connect with you? 

Like a Button or link that said “Connect With Me Here” and it brought your prospects & customers to that place. 

What if you could easily create QR codes for all of your marketing materials that bring your prospects & customers directly to that central place? 

What if that place was optimized for search engines so it could pull people in on its own, without you having to do a thing for those leads? 

Allow me to introduce…..The “Get Social” App 

This awesome new software application allows you to create a central social page that is about you, your business or organization. This gives you… 

App Features

 … a great social media page without having to learn any new techniques to make it work. 

The App takes the guess work out of the equation providing an easy user interface for you and short video tutorial inside showing you how to configure and publish your new social page. 

Built for search engines

Your new page is automatically submitted to search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing to increase your current online presence and leave your competitors in the dust. 

Blog and Social Media Integration

Quick and easy integration of your blog and social media accounts. Visitors can connect with you on your Facebook page, Twitter page, YouTube subscribe page, LinkedIn profile, Pinterest, Foursquare, your blog page, your RSS feed, or contact form. 

Mobile Responsive

There are 3 times more smartphones being used now compared to last year. Most anything on the internet that isn’t designed to be mobile responsive, will make those users hit the back button quickly! 

Your Get Social page is 100% mobile optimized and will give your visitors an “app-like” experience when viewing it on any mobile device. Simple. Intuitive. Easy. 

Simple Customization

There is no programming that you need to master! We take care of the technical end of things so you can manage all of your information with only a few clicks! 

Member Support

This application has been fully tested by our experts, but… for some odd reason if a problem comes up, we have a friendly support area. You can post your queries and get real answers from real people, NOT automated responses! 

Think about how much work this one little social page will save you. 

No longer will you have to add “Connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, blah blah blah” every time you create a post or in an email. All you have to do is create one link that says “Connect with me here” and your customers will be able to find you anywhere they want. 

How long would something like this take you to build, even if you have the know-how? 

How much would it cost for someone to build this for you? 

$100? $200? More? 

What if I told you that you can have all this for only $24.95? 

That’s right, for less than the price of some of the large premium Starbucks drinks, you can have a time saving application that not only saves you time and money, but builds your online presence and allows your prospects & customers to find you anywhere. 

Click the “Add to Cart” button below to get started immediately. Within minutes you will have your new social page up and running so you can start getting connected to your prospects & customers easier than ever before! 

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 P.S. After your purchase, you will be directed to your member area. Once there click on the ‘Get Social’ menu and you will be able to configure and publish your ‘Get Social’ page in a matter of minutes!

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